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Linear Motion Components

Linear Motion Components

Rolled and precision ground ballscrews
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Gear Reducers

Gear Reducers

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Right angle

Rotary Motion Components

Rotary Motion Components

Servo brakes
Clutch/brake combinations
Torque limiters

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Our Brands Include:

  • Kollmorgen
  • Thomson
  • Trio Motion
  • Callan Technologies
  • Nexen
  • Applied Motion Products
  • Rose Krieger
  • Lintech
  • Gam
  • PBC Linear

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We provide motion control (mechatronic) components and systems for automated machinery. This includes everything from selling components to designing and implementing full turn-key systems. We can help you design your new machine to optimize performance and cost. We've also performed many different types of machine retrofits and can help bring new life (precision, speed and reliability) to your older equipment.


Double-Axis Rotary Die Cutter
(Knife & Anvil)

Western Printing Machinery has been a custom designer and manufacturer of finishing systems and cutting technology since 1933. WPM has locations in Schiller Park, IL and Leicester, England. WPM is a global leader in advanced inline/offline finishing systems, high speed rotary cutters, precision built rotary die cutters and custom dies and knives.

Using a CH-13113-11-2105 Cartridge DDR, we redesigned a double-axis rotary die cutting machine around the new motor.

The redesign:
Improved throughput by 20%
Reduced noise by 20+dB
Reduced parts count by 100+ parts
Increased accuracy over 10 times

Western Printing Machinery

Feed and Cut-off for Paper Tubes

Chicago Mailing Tube Company is a premier supplier of custom paper tubes, containers and cores, offering high quality and affordable products. Since 1902, CMT has been serving its customers from a 100,000 square foot manufacturing facility on Chicago's west side.

A semi-automatic mechanical feed mechanism on CMT's processing lines caused excess scrap and damage to finished paper tubes. Also, the tube hit a mechanical switch to activate the cut-off blade, and the switch had to be adjusted manually for different jobs.

By upgrading the machines with new control systems through IMAC's integration services, CMT significantly improved product quality and eliminated scrap. Use of Precision Technology USA's PowerLine series linear slide, Kollmorgen's ServoStar-SC series single-axis controller and GoldLine-Xt brushless servomotor allows precise positioning of the tube without a mechanical stop. The operator inputs tube length through a touch screen, allowing faster set-up times and more accurate cut-off.

Chicago Mailing Tube

High Speed Promotional Product Applicator for Printing

Hurletron designs, manufactures and integrates auxiliary equipment for the printing and converting industries. It provides process solutions in registration control, promotional product application, electrostatic tacking, web remoistening and web cooling, and electrostatic assist for gravure presses.

According to the company, the new ElectroCard® machine is the only promotional product applicator in the printing and converting industry that can apply promotional material at full press speed on heatset web offset presses, newspaper presses, and publication gravure presses on any page and in any position, without adding additional off-line operations.

This complete machine redesign, including the integration of Kollmorgen's ServoStar-SC series, digital, single-axis controllers and GoldLine-Xt brushless servomotors, eliminated a separate motion control card, simplified integration, reduced the machine's physical size and weight, and significantly reduced manufacturing costs.



Our mission is to enhance productivity and secure a competitive advantage for our customers by successfully applying to machines quality, technologically-advanced, value-based motion control and automation components and systems.

IMAC Motion Control Corp. is a highly regarded distributor and integrator of motion control components and systems. Our focus is exclusively motion control and related automation components. Our team of experienced engineers helps machine builders and manufacturers incorporate servo motion control, brushless motor, and power transmission technologies to improve processes, reduce downtime, increase productivity, and save money.

We guarantee our component selection and engineered solutions, and we service and support what we sell. We carry an extensive inventory of new product releases for fast prototyping of new machines and ideas. We carry one of the most extensive inventories of Kollmorgen and PacSci legacy products for emergency transplant on existing machines.

Whether your needs are large or small, in-house or OEM, we have experience and can help.

Our components are used in machines for:

  • Assembly
  • Food processing
  • Medical use
  • Metal cutting
  • Metal forming
  • Packaging
  • Paper converting
  • Pick-n-place
  • Testing
  • Other various industries